View from my window

View from window of our hostel. Current roommates 2 girls from Argentina

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San Francisco here we come

Well were on the final leg of our trip. We got to see the Hollywood sign and Capitol Record building. We also have met some very interesting people, it amazes me what people will tell you about their lives on the bus. More to come though when I have a regular keyboard.

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The Arizona Desert

Somewhere between Phoenix and LA at dawn. Really pretty listening to Mumford & Sons with Cati.

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Well greyhound is sneaky

We are in el paso. Greyhound scheduled us on a bus from Mexico which would be packed. Threw my usual fit and the driver from a real greyhound bus going to LA offered his bus with first choice of seats. Cati thinks it is because him and us were the only people in the station speaking English so we are sitting in the bus all alone and kicking it next stop LA

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Today is the big day

So we are getting ready to go this afternoon. I have discovered that luggage is the exact opposite of the Tardis. The Tardis looks tiny outside and huge inside. Luggage you think looks like it could hold 5 days worth of outfits, really is about the size of a ziplock bag when you go to pack. Caitlin this morning askedĀ  if I had extra room is my bag, I just looked at her laughed. Now I know San Francisco is more laid back then here, but even they do not want to see me half-naked so have to figure a way to get my dang jeans in that suitcase. Also have been checking the weather in San Francisco and it looks like a lot of rain this weekend, thank goodness I picked an umbrella up at a garage sale last weekend, a little water is not going to slow our adventure down one bit. Well off to try to figure how I am going to get more than just a t-shirt in my suitcase.

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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog.

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